!Fit & Fun is a novice project by “Midbary”, that allows you to perfectly merge recreation with health

We’ll detoxicate, recharge and lose weight in a fun and efficient way – within a healthy, cozy and an anti aging environment.
All while traveling, sightseeing magnificent new places and experiencing happy-memories-moments.
And that's because:
Detoxification + recreation = positive change!

Indeed, you can go through detox at your own home (with proper guiding) – but I believe that the process is easier, more efficient when you spread your wings in a different environment, ventilate the soul and treat your body. Especially when done with a group – in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

Principles of detox
Green leaves provide the liver an immensely strong incentive to clean itself, but the amount of leaves needed, exceeds the amount we can actually eat daily. That’s why drinking shakes and juices based on green leaves is an excellent solution. For the shake to be more pleasant for drinking, certain fruits are integrated, that also assist with cleaning process.
Those shakes naturally contain a large amount of vital minerals like iron and calcium.
Vegetable juices (mainly green, orange and purple) also assist in the cleaning process while recharging your body with vitamins and minerals. Those juices are not a burden on the digestive system and as a result the body can put to use the available energy in cleaning, rehabilitating and balancing it’s different systems.
Entering the cleaning process must be gradual. The preparation stage is very important.
That’s when we stop consuming animal’s proteins, white flour products, caffeine and alcohol. We change to domestic un-industrialized nutrition and stop eating in restaurants.
Moving gradually is also important at the last stage of the process.
After several days of juices and shakes, we must return to “chewable” food in controlled and gradual manner.
Those are only general principles and detox is strongly recommended only under the supervision of a professional.
What’s unique about us and why you should check us out?
Because guys, with us you’re going – (pardon, FLYING) to make detox a party or even a celebration!
For most of us the words “diet” and “detox” are associated with demanding and hard task. Accompanied with pain and feels like punishment…But with us, you’re going (pardon again, FLYING!) to drown those words in massive amounts of FUN – Treating yourself, sightseeing, having thrills and exciting experiences…
So when you here again: “healthy nutrition”, “clean eating”, “detox”, “losing weight”, "healthy lifestyle” – Those expressions won’t discourage you. They will even be associated with real satisfaction and tons of delightful memories…
The more “corrective experiences” you’ll have – the more you’ll find out that the difficulty in clean eating is mainly “mental” and the easier it will be for you to control your lifestyle and eating.
Together we will spread wings and fly!
And most important – we will provide you a customized menu according to your medical restrictions. So remember:

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